An Interpreter’s Office

An Interpreter's OfficeWhere exactly is an interpreter’s workplace? Readers of this blog know that the best part of the professional life of an interpreter is spent in an interpreting booth. Having said that, there are quotes to be written, invoices to be generated, requests to be answered, colleagues to be contacted, receipts to be entered in tax-filing systems, trips to be planned, hotels to be booked (to mention just a few examples). Of course “THE OFFICE” exists.

Apart from that, by definition an interpreter travels a great deal; that is part of our job profile. A conference venue is the conference venue – so if you are booked, you travel. And we travel a lot…

These are ideal precondition for going paperless in your office – a paperless office travels with you on your laptop. And can be, if it is,  like with Conference Consultancy Anna Mantel, connected to a dedicated server including a cloud solution, be accessed and used from any location in the world. We travel around the world for our customers, and we are on line and accessible at any point in time (well, apart from the times when an interpreter is in the interpreting booth; during these periods cell phones are switched off because they could interfere with the sensitive interpreting systems)  20141205_100148

So the office travels with us – in a train, a frequent traveller lounge, in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a car – and in the car not just on the front passenger’s seat or the back seat, but even in the trunk…

Here it is: the interpreter’s office is … just about everywhere!


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