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Conference Consultancy Mantel (Anna Hartmann) – Your reliable  partner for interpreting, translations and interpreting  equipment

Since 1987 Conference Consultancy Mantel (Anna Hartmann) has been the guarantee for professionalism and competence in the field of linguistic services. As of today, we offer our services in nearly all European and Non-European languages. We cooperate predominantly with corporate customers. However, we  gladly offer our services also to private customers. We focus on organizing interpreting services for high-level events such as specialized symposiums, international congresses, trade fairs, sales meetings, award ceremonies, media events and technical trainings.  In our activities the satisfaction of our customers is of the essence.

Why Conference Consultancy Mantel (Anna Hartmann)?

Who ever wishes to do so, can just go ahead and print the  title “interpreter” on their business card in Germany, since the professional designation is not protected by law. Thus, certain lists and platforms are populated by self-styled “Interpreters” without any vocational training, let alone university study, who have never seen an interpreting booth in their life. Sound technical knowledge – no luck. Costly dictionaries – never heard of them. Operating the interpreter switchboard – no clue. Note-taking technique – what is that? Often even the language skills are a weak point.

The customer finds it difficult, even impossible, to separate the wheat from the chaff and to find out who is really able to perform this challenging work in the required quality, who has perfect command of the languages needed and who is familiar with the technical terminology of the company.

Conference Consultancy Mantel (Anna Hartmann) is the missing link.

For we know every single interpreter in our pool. We know their technical expertise, background, preferred types of interpreting and language combinations. In a nutshell, we know what is needed to put together the perfect team of interpreters to match the customer’s requirements.

Also, we listen very carefully to what our customer has to say. We talk to him or her,  often as early as in the conceptional phase, about the upcoming event, the envisaged conference languages, the best format of the event and the resulting technical aspects and about all special features of the project.

Based on this knowledge we select from our pool of interpreters who are all without exception highly qualified and professional the conference interpreters best suited for the respective project.

No Email sent out to 500 interpreters indiscriminately can beat that.

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For nearly 30 years we have been a successful partner for many successful customers. What can we do for you?