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Please find here a selection of feedback from customers of Conference Consultancy Anna Mantel (Hartmann) . (In English; for complete list including feedback in German please switch to German)


Dear Mrs. Mantel,

It was a pleasure to meet you during last week’s event!

I have been explicitly asked by the group of guests from Russia to express high appreciation and complements for the great job that you and your colleague done with Russian translation during the Forum.

They were very impressed with the quality of the translation and appreciated your sense of humor J.

Thank you very much!!

Warm regards,


(Technical Symposium on Pipelines; Team for English-Russian, English-Chinese and English-Spanish)

To whom it may concern:
As an interpreter, Ms. Mantel supported the US Army’s Professional Leadership Development Course (PLDC) in Grafenwoehr, Germany, April 6-24, 2005. Ms. Mantel’s primary responsibility was as a simultaneous interpreter for Russian soldiers attending the course, from Russian to English/English to Russian. In addition, Ms. Mantel also assisted as the Chef d’Equipe for a total of four translators.
This type of interpreter support was a first for the US Army and consequently, most materials were still in development up until the morning of each course’s start. Despite this extremely stressful working environment, Ms. Mantel excelled with subjects rich in military terminology and American colloquialisms. Her composure was excellent and she quickly gained the respect of students and instructors.
Because of her easily apparent professionalism and drive, I selected Ms. Mantel to be Chef d’Equipe for the duration of the course. In this role, Ms. Mantel both assisted the military in the development of the courseware and acted as my “eyes and ears”, keeping me informed of any issues that needed addressing. Once again, her abilities greatly attributed to the success of the course.
I cannot recommend Ms. Mantel strongly enough for any interpreter support between Russian and English. Her broad knowledge of both languages and high level of professionalism was instrumental in the success of the PLDC. As such, I look forward to Ms. Mantel working with Northrop Grumman Mission Systems GmbH in the near future.
George Retsinas,
Managing Director
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems GmbH
(Training Course for Sergeants; English-Russian)