What was the Name of the Interpreters’ Workplace again?

I know – it’s called interpreting booth, that’s crystal clear! Since this blog’s name is dolmetschkabine.de, I am supposed to know that, isn’t it.

Nonetheless there are some alternative names out there, for example the “cardboard box” mentioned in my last post, which describes the shape of the booth.

I have heard “simultaneous stall” in my professional life – I believe this is a loan translation from Russian. And there is the charming online offer of “whispering cubes”. These obviously saw the light of day as the result of a machine translation.

A very popular version is the “translation booth” – close, but not quite. This type of booth is strongly related to the “simultaneous translation” which conference organizers promise to provide during the event.

Recently I heard “translation chamber”, which is quite nice, for it inspires our imagination…


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