Boxing Day

Time flies by – yesterday was all about “joy to the world”, mistletoe, peace and happiness, and today violence sets in. Or does it? Why else would the day after Christmas Day be called “Boxing Day”? Fists are flying, that much is clear. For instance, Aniya Seki defends her WIBF world title in Bern today, and she also fights to win the much-coveted WBC silver belt. So, on day Two after the birth of Jesus Christ we have to face grim realities again…not exactly. It is true, in some Commonwealth countries Boxing Day is a shopping holiday, with a lot of special offers and bargains; and that might lead to customer stampedes, injuries and even fatalities. However, the origin of the name is a different one. In England by tradition servants, who had to wait on their superiors on Christmas Day, were allowed to visit their families the day after. The employers would give their servants boxes (!!!) containing gifts, bonuses and sometimes leftover food. So the end of this post is a peaceful one – I am relieved!


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