La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie) II

Where do I start…as an interpreter and conference consultant I can be reached on the Internet at several sites, for instance at Readers can find here a world of information about interpreting, different types of interpreting, the required conference equipment, my services as an organising interpreter and so on and so forth. This site (and its predecessors) has been processed and updated since august 2011 whenever I didn’t work as an interpreter. These days a SEO expert told me about – this site enables everyone to find out about double content on the internet. It goes without saying that I tested this feature immediately and what do you know – some dame from Cologne copied my texts from and pasted them on her web site, with just the tiniest modifications!

How dare she??? I worked on these texts for weeks, I payed good money to a writer for her valuable input – and this lady just goes ahead and steals my work??? I had sleepless nights over this impertinence.

Eventually I decided to hire a lawyer – and magically my texts disappeared within minutes from her web site…mind you, she calls herself an Interpreter, a translator, a journalist and a book author. One would think that she manages to write her own texts, wouldn’t one? Anyway, I check her web site every single day now to make sure that my texts will not reappear. For the time being, the page in question is blank…Think for yourself, dear “colleague”!


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