A brilliant solution for the interpreting booth

Simultaneous interpreting with several camera optionsSimultaneous interpreters love to work in permanently installed interpreting booths. As a rule, these booths are spacy, air conditioned and well-lit. Moreover, you can leave the booth without disturbing the conference participants. In most cases such booths are installed one level above the conference level, so that you look down at the conference room from a bird’s view. However, not always do the interpreters have a good view of the screen and/or the speaker.

Recently I worked in one of these permanently installed booths and was quite pleased with the solution provided: the view was not optimal from our booth. However, a monitor had been installed, which showed the PowerPoint presentation, the speaker or a general view of the room. And the great thing was that we had the choice – we could switch from one camera to the other at our discretion!

My compliments to the customer who obviously explored the simultaneous interpreters’ needs during the planning stage and implemented their input during construction. Many thanks – you made interpreting an even greater pleasure!


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