How an Interpreting Booth still should not look like…

The Prequel

A couple of days ago Conference Consultancy Anna Mantel received an email from Mister Fredy, residing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong-Province, China. Said Fredy obviously does not read this blog or did not understand that here we have a Zero-Tolerance Policy when it comes to so-called mobile interpreting booths to be installed on makeshift supports like tables or sideboards. Nonetheless Mister Fredy offers a mobile booth (coming with its very own flight box) photographed in a decidedly non-business environment with a decidedly tacky flair.

The Assessment

Conference interpreting is a very challenging job requiring maximum concentration for long stretches of time. A flimsy affair like such a mobile booth is not soundproof and represents rather the caricature of an interpreting booth. From such a “booth” the customer will not get the excellent output they rightly expect even from conference interpreters with the highest qualification.

The Conclusion

Mister Fredy will not receive an answer, let alone an order from Conference Consultancy Anna Mantel; his email will be deleted and his address will be flagged as spam. Our claim is a different one: good working condition for interpreters and excellent interpreting services for our customers!

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