My very last assignment for this year

I should have known better – on my way back from the “last interpreting assignment for this year I a request for yet another day of interpreting today. And here I was, thinking of christmas cookies and planning my decorating projects for the living room. Not yet! So today I drove to Frankfurt and spent an agreeable day with nice people…Unexpectedly, the interpreting mode was not simultaneous interpreting, but consecutive interpreting. So my colleague and I retrieved our notepads (we always carry great quantities of notepads and pens) and found ourselves not in the soundproof interpreting booth, but where the action is. I quite like consecutive interpreting, because the interpreter is not just a voice, but I am present as a human being, as a person. Also I had the opportunity to brush up my note-taking skills. Note-taking for interpreters will be the topic of another post. Coming soon…

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